Outfit of the day #7

In the Netherlands Summer has arrived and we already had some sunny days, yay! Hopefully a lot more Summer days will follow. I love it, the sun and the warmth. On hot days I like to wear airy clothes. Like the trousers in this blogpost for example. This time we share an OOTD post again: a mix of fair fashion, a piece of clothing we don’t know how it’s produced and shoes with a questionable reputation according to fair and sustainable Dutch ranking site Rankabrand. Besides comfortable clothes, hot summer days are also the perfect excuse for Janet to go all out on lots of ice cream. That, and a sweet treat is what she tried at Strawberry, a new spot in Groningen.

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Age and a dress code

Je kleden naar je leeftijdWhen I was younger and I thought about getting older – which meant something like ‘being 30 or over’ – I wondered what I would look like at that ripe old womanly age. Would I wear my hair short? I don’t think sooo. Would I have a completely different look like very colourful, or long dresses and skirts, or maybe just grey and black? Or did or do you ever hear people say: “You really can’t wear THAT at that age!” That THAT could be anything but mostly it was a referral to something short, low cut or very stretchy or tight. Over the years we all age and our ideas about what you can and cannot wear at a certain age most of the time age too. I am 38 years old now and I’m going on 40 and I wonder sometimes if I should make any changes at a certain age and what age that would be. And how would I do that because I also notice I still have pretty much the same taste as I had 10 or 15 years ago…  [Read more…]

Outfit of the day #1

Outfit of the day #1, Not So Stuffy - sustainable

Standing on a bridge in January, without a coat? Yes, I did, because Janet decided it was time to take some pictures for an outfit of the day post. And well, I’m not the biggest fan of being in pictures, so it was quite a challenge to get some decent ones. How about you; do you like to be photographed? Maybe it takes some time to get used to the camera. And we discovered what makes taking pics a little bit easier, maybe more about that in another blog. Now it’s time to share my outfit of the (Satur)day. [Read more…]

Schone Zaken in Groningen

Schone Zaken opened its doors almost 20 years ago already and was still missing on our blog. That’s just not right, is it? So recently I visited this sustainable clothing store in Groningen. What I found? Lots and lots of fair trade and organic clothes! And a really nice lady( the owner) who, amongst other things, told me about one of the challenges of smaller sustainable brands.
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