5 of our favourite iced coffees in Groningen

iced coffee, Prinsentuin, Groningen, Not So StuffyIt’s that time again, that time of the year: Summer. Blue skies. Hot days. Sun. Many daylight hours. More energy. And, of course, the best time for refreshing drinks on a terrace, right?! Besides a delicious Fentimans, Fritz or a homemade iced tea we do like a good iced coffee too. Luckily for us in Groningen there are quite a lot of places that serve iced coffee. In this article we share which 5 iced coffees we like the most. And, for the people who prefer other cold drinks we added a nice bonus.
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Salmagundi in Groningen

Time flies, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s even difficult planning an appointment with Janet to talk about blog stuff for example. But, last week we had 2 hours in between other meetings and work. We decided to spend our time well: a blog meeting and discovering a new hotspot at the same time. Great combination, right?
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Review Pure in Groningen

Back in 2013 (when we had just started this blog and we weren’t really active bloggers yet) we wrote a review about Pure Frozen (but we called it ‘Frozen Yoghurt’ consequently in the blog, I just noticed *lol*. I was probably so obsessed with FroYo back then – on a holiday in Canada I was searching for it all the time – that I just assumed it was the name. Sincere apologies!).  Last week my mom and I visited Pure Frozen on it’s new spot, 2 doors down the block, where they have been located since this January. And also with a new and shorter name: Pure. [Read more…]

Coffee and lunch spots in Leeuwarden

Both of us visit the Frysian capital about 2-3 times per year. Sometimes for a business meeting, sometimes to discover all the new shops and cafes in the centre. And I noticed I visited exhibitions in one of the museums in Leeuwarden a lot in the past few years. In 2015 the Stuffies visited ‘Op de thee’- exhibition (about tea history in different cultures) in museum Princessehof. A year later I went to see the knitting exhibition in the Fries (Frysian) museum with my mom and about a year after that (or last week) my mom and I went to the Alma-Tadema exhibition in the Fries museum also. Leeuwarden turned out to be very good in getting interesting exhibitions to its city which is a good thing because next year the city is European capital of culture.  [Read more…]

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