Just across the border: Leer, Germany

Leer, Ostfriesland, Germany - Not so stuffy blog

Note: A newer version of this blogpost is on our new blog Wander Women:  https://wanderwomen.nl/en/2018/06/21/a-daytrip-to-leer-in-germany/. Please visit and follow us there!
Admitted: a daytrip to Leer was never appealing to us. I mean: it’s too small, has nothing special to offer, it’s just 10 kilometers across the border… A couple of years ago we were there by coincidence in December. It had already been snowing, temperatures were below zero and we did not have any tires on the car that were suitable for winter circumstances on the road. So a Christmas market in Oldenburg or Bremen was off limits. We decided to go to Leer, as it was just across the border. But our hearts kept shouting: we really want to go to Oldenburg, a REAL Christmas market in an actual cool German city! You can probably already guess our experience in Leer that day wasn’t a good one. And we left after about 30 minutes. Now we were planning on visiting Tecklenburg but we did not have money to spare for an overnight stay. A one day trip to Tecklenburg, which is about 200 kilometres and just a little village, sounded a bit too far. So we decided to give Leer another chance. Let’s go! 
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Our 5 favourite spots in Groningen!

Sometimes it feels like we can’t keep up with all the new spots for food and drinks opening their doors in Groningen. We try to update our Groningen cityguide as often as possible. So if you are visiting our city, don’t forget to check our guide. And, our #IloveGroningen tag also contains a lot of information about Groningen. Not only from our perspective, but also from other online influencers. So you’ll get a lot of interesting and diverse views of the city. In this article we tell you all about which 5 things in Groningen you should not skip!

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Cityguide Zutphen, The Netherlands

Zutphen mei2016 startfoto optie 2 beelden en poort met tekst

Do you also like doing daytrips in spring and summer? I do, and we go for one every chance we get. We can’t wait for sunny and warm days so to get in the spirit … ;-) On a sunny day in May 2016 we went to Zutphen (a small city in The Netherlands), by train. Yes, by train: cheap Kruidvat tickets, and it’s quite a sustainable way to travel, right?). It’s just a short walk from the train station to the center of Zutphen (about 5 minutes). What we think of this town? We already shared Zutphen through our eyes. Spoiler: we were impressed, what a lovely city to explore! Check out our favourite places to go.
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Green city guide Oldenburg, Germany

groen oldenburg intro

Exactly one year ago today (January 2016) we wrote our first green guide to Oldenburg. When we visited Oldenburg again last month (December 2016) so much had changed. This is definately a city on the go. It is moving forward and we have to keep pace. But we never mind visiting Oldenburg. Occasionally we go on a daytrip. It’s ‘just over the border’ for us, with 150 kilometres, about a 1 hour and 20 minute drive. Oldenburg is a small and attractive university city. We have blogged about Oldenburg a few times before and in December 2015 also about the lovely Christmas market. It was time for an up to date ‘green’ blog about this city. Because Oldenburg definately is becoming a ‘green’ city!  Want to join us for a quick tour of Green Oldenburg?  [Read more…]

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