Vegan dinner in Groningen

Planning on visiting Groningen? You have probably already heard of the well known vegan spots in our city, like Anat (breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake), the Herbivoor (lunch and Thursday dinner), the vegan supermarket (where you’re probably going for some groceries) and the vegan choices on the Concerthuis menu. But what if you want to go out to dinner and you have some non-vegan friends in your group who are not really looking forward to eating plantbased this time? We’ve got some great tips for you. At these 5 restaurants you can just go in without calling in advance about your vegan diet and everybody can eat what he or she prefers. Enjoy!   [Read more…]

Dinner at cafe bistro Kult in Groningen

Kult cafe, Groningen, Not so stuffyLast weekend we had dinner at Cafe-bistro Kult in Groningen with a group of blogger friends. The cafe is located in the Steentilstraat and for me I mostly associate this street with people smoking weed and getting their drug fix. All of us had never been at Kult before. We had heard of it a number of times because there’s a lot of vegan choices on the menu. It was about time we checked it out.  [Read more…]

De Oude Gasfabriek, Groningen

In 1854 the gasworks was opened in Groningen. Only one building is left, De Loods in the Ebbingekwartier. In the past markets took place at this location. Later restaurant Oberland was located here for a few years. After a big renovation, which took about 10 months, De Oude Gasfabriek opened its doors in De Loods. It was a long renovation period but definately worth the wait: wow, the interior is just fabulous! Would you like to know if our food experience at this restaurant was just as great as the interior? Then keep on reading… [Read more…]

Immune boosting shi take broth (vegan & glutenfree)


The last few weeks I’ve been eating quite a lot of sweet stuff (hello Oreos, Punselies and Tony’s Chocolonely!). Because I don’t really feel great and full of energie, it was time to make some changes. I became a bit more strict in eating as much veggies and fruit as I can and cut down on the sugar and cheese. I love to work with herbs and spices and I’m especially interested in anti-inflammatory herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric and garlic. I did not feel like eating bread for lunch (which is quite common to eat in The Netherlands) so instead I prepared this fresh and very healthy shi take broth that is full of goodness for your body. Do you feel better already after just reading this intro? ;-) [Read more…]

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