DIY: Stamped T-shirt

Stempelen intro

A while ago I saw a pineapple T-shirt in a store. I thought it was very cute but I’m not allowed to spend too much money on thinks I don’t neccessarily need so the T-shirt was a no go. But I became so inspired: I saw myself stamping all kind of T-shirts and tops and maybe even towels and bags. I had some textile paint at home and you can make stamps with a knife and a potato, so this project would not set me back much. I started drawing and stamping and out came this DIY. [Read more…]

Hotspot Kraalienka in Groningen

Kraalienka dec2015 startfoto
This autumn beads store and coffee bar Kraalienka opened its doors in the Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat in Groningen. Kraalienka has had a store in this street befor, a couple of years ago when working with beads was amazingly popular in The Netherlands. I used to be very active with beads as well, I have the remains of the beads all over my house to show for it ;) Now it’s a cozy little place in a beautiful premises with a lovely old fashioned coffee bar in the back, and… we were promised there might be a terrace when spring will arrive next year. 
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Surviving winter with natural remedies

thee intro

If you did not grow up in The Netherlands and/or if you’re younger than thirty years old you probably don’t know ‘Klazien uut Zalk’ (Klazien from Zalk). When I was about ten years old (around 1989/1990) Klazien, a seventy something grandma from the country and her natural remedies were quite a hit. She was on TV and made a little book with the best tips from nature. Now that I have been studying Nutrition and Holistic Health for a while, I suddenly thought of Klazien and asked my mom if she still had the book. And that was a really good idea. Most of her tips are really good in this season of virusses, colds and the flu. Would you like to get rid of your symptoms the natural way? Then do read on! [Read more…]

Stamping is da bomb! DIY

stap 4 - tasjes af

Yeah! This DIY is greener than green. We are going to stamp with fruit and vegetables and well, that’s pretty green right? I wouldn’t say the same for the paint I used by the way. But hey, I’m doing the best I can. You can always go and look for a more sustainable version…

So allright. We are going to stamp on fabric. And to make it even more exciting: we are not only stamping on fabric, we are going to make a bag of it. Not just any bag but a very cool one. Are you with me? It’s very easy. Really!


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