DIY making guest bags for a toddler birthday party


This is part 2 of Femke’s guest blog about making guest bags for a toddler birthday party. No, no candy but fun handmade things. Did you miss part 1? You can check it out here. In part 1 Femke also tells you what you need and where you can buy it. Now we are ready to continue with the last two things for the bag. [Read more…]

DIY making toddler party bags #1


As you may have read in one of my previous DIY guest blogs, to me every day feels like a party. But now we really have something to celebrate because my sweet baby girl is turning three. And so I needed to make a treat to hand out to her school mates. No punishment for me to try and think of something original. Which in my case means no plastic junk and/or just sweets to give away to a bunch of toddlers. 
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DIY snail mail

Snailmail 3We wanted to do something creative and we like to surprise other people with an unexpected, fun gift… when you put these two together, you get snailmail. So this past saturday we went shopping for cute, cheap and fun small gifts to put in an a4 enveloppe. After that it was time to write, draw, cut, paint, make confetti and much more. Can we inspire you with this colorful DIY blog? We hope so!

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Natural dry shampoo

Sometimes you just don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, even though it definately needs a wash. For those urgent moments you can use a dry shampoo. Your local chemist will have one in stock but they are always chemical and we like our products natural (and cheap!). So why not make this easy dry shampoo yourself? And it has another advantage: because you add cocoa powder, you can adjust the powder to the clour of your hair so it won’t leave you with greying streaks. That’s a bonus, right? :) [Read more…]

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