Baby steps towards a greener wardrobe

The real green-aholics will probably roll their eyes when reading this article: green shopping in the highstreet, that’s just not possible, right? Well, not completely, but it is possible to make more conscious choices. Choosing H&M over Primark for example. Even if you are on a tight budget, it’s possible to change your shopping habits and make greener choices. In this article we help you to go for a greener wardrobe, baby step by baby step. That’s how it all starts. Just take our list with you, when shopping in the Herestraat, the Diezerstraat or the Nieuwestad and it will all work out.

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Outfit of the day #9

wunderwerk jumpsuit hornhuizen location not so stuffy july 2017

A few weeks ago we went to Hornhuizen, a small village in the Province of Groningen. That’s where village pub Wongema is located, “a home at the end of the world”. We had an appointment at Wongema and this location happened to be a great spot for the Outfit Of The Day shoot. The item we are featuring in this article is Anneloes’ Wunderwerk jumpsuit.

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Outfit Of The Day #8

OOTD8 Santuario di San Luca Bologna Not so stuffy Wander Women mai 2017

Anneloes thought it was a great idea to have an OOTD shoot on holiday. So when I had enough interesting clothes on me for a shoot  and we found a great spot in Bologna with an amazing view of the country side, we went for it. The items in this shoot are inherited, borrowed, fair fashion and a bit of high street… [Read more…]

June just flew by!

Prinsentuin groningen not so stuffy

June had several sunny days, luckily. Isn’t it great, feeling the sun on your face? In Timisoara it was 37 degrees Celsius (in the shadow…). That was a little bit too hot maybe, but we had fun anyway. Did you already enjoy a holiday or (short) trip this summer? For me (Anneloes) June was a month of exercising, reading, looking for a (free online) course, cooking and baking and a lot of other (fun and not so much fun) things.

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