Art on the street. Athens, Greece. Part II

Street art by INO, Athens, Greece. Wander Women blog

About one and a half years ago Anneloes visited Athens, the capital of Greece. She wrote a few posts about her adventures in the capital and one was about the most beautiful street art she encountered on her walks. I just got back from an 8 day trip to Athens and it’s surrondings and I also looked around when I was wandering trough this amazing city. Funny enough I found completely different murals from Anneloes. Athens has so much street art. A lot of it was commissioned, mostly before the Olympics of 2004. Also, the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens even offers a course on street painting. So no wonder the artists (like for example INO) are really good and famous around the world.  [Read more…]

Favourite streetart in Hamburg, part 2

streetart hamburg intro not so stuffy blogIt has been almost a year since we last visited Hamburg (and we really should go again sometime soon because it is such a cool city!). When I was flipping through our pictures recently I thought it was a real shame we did not share any of the street art we came across last time. It’s so colourful and some are so detailed. So today we have a ‘no read’-blog for you: just lovely pics. Enjoy!  [Read more…]

Street art in Athens (Greece)

Athene, street art startfoto april2016

Only 2 months ago, my mom and I were exploring Athens (Greece), and we loved this city! Through AirBnB we rented an apartment in a quarter of Athens which felt a bit like downtown Athens. An area with lots of  high flats, many inhabitants, not so green (hardly any trees and parks), lots of traffic and a lot of graffiti. I mean A LOT of graffiti, really. There’s no turning a corner without seeing any street art. I love sharing our favourites with you.

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Street art in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki streetart boulevard
One of us spend a weekend in beautiful Thessaloniki and found some great streetart. We just let the pictures speak for themselves… [Read more…]

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