Why I like to view reality through a rose coloured lens

Rooskleurig roos in Prinsentuin Not so stuffy

There are these moments where you experience very clearly that your reality is quite far from the truth. Do you recognize that feeling? Because of the subjects we write about on this website and our personal interest in a green lifestyle, we are surrounded by people with an interest in those same topics and often also think alike. To us it can sometimes look like half the population is at least a vegetarian or skipping meat and fish for 2-3 days a week. And do you know anyone who does not carry an extra foldable bag in their handbag? But it turns out, when you step into the real world again, that these things are not that common: the reality looks a lot less rosy than it is in my head…   [Read more…]

Outfit of the day #5

fair vintage ootd shoot not so stuffy

I have a confession to make…: I’m a ‘green’ woman, but it took me quite some time to make sustainable choices. Years ago I would never have thought about who made my clothes and where clothes are made, for example. Weird, right? But: wisdom comes with age. And for me, it’s a bit of a proces too. You don’t just adopt a 100% sustainable lifestyle overnight. Lately there’s a lot of attention on social media for the fashion revolution week (this whole week). And that makes me happy. It feels as if more and more people start to think about sustainability, working conditions and quality of clothes. Yay! And this awareness inspires me to stay focused on wearing sustainable clothes myself. In this article one fair fashion brand will be featured, combined with a fairly sustainable jeans, and two second-hand items. [Read more…]

Asparagus, purslane and white bean burgers

Guestblogger Cantor spend some time in the kitchen again, to create a beautiful dish to share with you guys. This time it’s a Blond and Green dish – because it’s spring again. Unfortunately it’s just not yet the time for white asparagus, but the green variety is delicious too and a healthy alternative! [Read more…]

Green city guide Oldenburg, Germany

groen oldenburg intro

Exactly one year ago today (January 2016) we wrote our first green guide to Oldenburg. When we visited Oldenburg again last month (December 2016) so much had changed. This is definately a city on the go. It is moving forward and we have to keep pace. But we never mind visiting Oldenburg. Occasionally we go on a daytrip. It’s ‘just over the border’ for us, with 150 kilometres, about a 1 hour and 20 minute drive. Oldenburg is a small and attractive university city. We have blogged about Oldenburg a few times before and in December 2015 also about the lovely Christmas market. It was time for an up to date ‘green’ blog about this city. Because Oldenburg definately is becoming a ‘green’ city!  Want to join us for a quick tour of Green Oldenburg?  [Read more…]

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