The best things in July

This is probably the first time in a long time of Dutch Summers that it has been consistently warm (about 20/21 degrees Celsius) in combination with lots and lots of rain. I am seriously considering buying a really cool rain coat that also doubles as a coat. One that does not stick to your skin when it’s hot and that looks stylish (even though this is impossible, according to Anneloes). I would love one from Rains, but my favourite one is by Agu (called the Storm Silda) and I think Agu is not a fair and sustainable brand. Does anyone have any tips for me here? 
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5 of our favourite iced coffees in Groningen

iced coffee, Prinsentuin, Groningen, Not So StuffyIt’s that time again, that time of the year: Summer. Blue skies. Hot days. Sun. Many daylight hours. More energy. And, of course, the best time for refreshing drinks on a terrace, right?! Besides a delicious Fentimans, Fritz or a homemade iced tea we do like a good iced coffee too. Luckily for us in Groningen there are quite a lot of places that serve iced coffee. In this article we share which 5 iced coffees we like the most. And, for the people who prefer other cold drinks we added a nice bonus.
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Our 3 favourite lunch places in Groningen

It probably isn’t a big surprise eating is one of our favourite activities, right? Just like in other cities we also eat our way through Groningen, our hometown. Trying new restaurants more often would definately be on our agenda, if our budget allowed us to spend a little more money. In this blogpost you’ll find 3 of favourite lunch places in Groningen. And at the end we throw in a little bonus this time too!

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June just flew by!

Prinsentuin groningen not so stuffy

June had several sunny days, luckily. Isn’t it great, feeling the sun on your face? In Timisoara it was 37 degrees Celsius (in the shadow…). That was a little bit too hot maybe, but we had fun anyway. Did you already enjoy a holiday or (short) trip this summer? For me (Anneloes) June was a month of exercising, reading, looking for a (free online) course, cooking and baking and a lot of other (fun and not so much fun) things.

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