Green shopping in Hamburg, part 2

vintage and rags hamburg not so stuffy

Our first green shopping guide for Hamburg was published in 2014. Over the years we had to adjust the blog several times, because in a big city like Hamburg things change quite fast. Our last visit was in spring 2016 and we discovered a lot of new things again to share with you. We don’t exactly know what happened, but we completely forgot to write this Hamburg part 2 blog sooner. Shame on us! Hamburg is such a great city: there are quite a few nice quarters to explore. And a lot of veggie food to enjoy. Because it’s a big city and all things worth doing and seeing are widely spread, you’ll need at least 4 days for a visit. Or, use it as the best excuse ever to go to Hamburg for a 2nd (a 3rd, a 4th or even more often) trip. We already went to Hamburg a few times and would love to plan another trip agin sometime soon.

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Favourite streetart in Hamburg, part 2

streetart hamburg intro not so stuffy blogIt has been almost a year since we last visited Hamburg (and we really should go again sometime soon because it is such a cool city!). When I was flipping through our pictures recently I thought it was a real shame we did not share any of the street art we came across last time. It’s so colourful and some are so detailed. So today we have a ‘no read’-blog for you: just lovely pics. Enjoy!  [Read more…]

Animal friendly eating in Hamburg, Germany

animal friendly eating in hamburg germany

At the end of april we spend some time in Hamburg again, just like in the summer of 2014. We slept in vegan B&B Green Haven  and we ate our way through Hamburg. We are very good at that! ;) And we are good at sharing our favourite finds. So if you are planning on going to Hamburg or you are looking for a great city for a short trip, than definately read this blog about animal friendly eating in Hamburg, Germany.  [Read more…]

Vegan B&B Hamburg, Germany

Vegan B&B Hamburg, Germany intro

At the end of April Christiane from vegan B&B Green Haven in Hamburg, Germany let us test her B&B for a review. Hamburg is a very cool and green city (who needs Berlin, right?) who welcomes vegetarians and vegans alike. You can read about that in this blog and this blog from August 2014. Some months after our stay Green Haven, a vegan B&B, was opened… wow! How cool is that! We stayed one night in the Captain’s suite and we turned Hamburg upside down to find all new adresses for you: vegan/vegetarian/sustainable and fair. Read on…  [Read more…]

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