Veggie food in Hannover (Germany)

In May we visited Hannover for a couple of days: a very colourful city with a lot to offer in different areas. The question remains whether or not this city has plenty to offer when it comes to veggie and vegan food. Of course we tried to find as many veggie food places as possible during our 2 and a half day trip to this German city. This is what we found…
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Green shopping in Hannover, Germany

Hannover green shopping blogpost adresses

When we arranged to visit Hannover in Germany, we did some quick research online and we concluded this could be a green shopping heaven possibly. Not only did we have a number of vintage shops to visit but also quite a large list with shops that sell fair trade and organic sustainable fashion. Yay! Not that we were planning on spending a lot of money on clothes, but still… we did have some green fashion wishes on both our lists for summer. Curious to find out what kind of shops Hannover has to offer?  [Read more…]

May was a blast! (looking back post)

Hannover city view Not so stuffy

May gave us a Summer feeling. Not only because of the trips we took, but also because we finally bought our new domain name and we started working on our new WordPress site. Plus we made some plans for new activities we are going to organise later this year hopefully. We have soo many great ideas but unfortunately so little time to finish them quickly. Baby steps it is;-)
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Street art in Hannover, Germany

A few weeks ago we spent a few days in Hannover, a city in the northern part of Germany and near the river Leine. Just as many other German cities, Hannover was destroyed during World War 2. In the years after the war, the Germans rebuilt the city. And with great result: the residents are proud of Hannover. Besides all the cultural aspects, nice restaurants and a car free city center we discovered a lot of street art in Hannover. In this article you can see the ones we liked the most. [Read more…]

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