5 of my favourite veggie recipes!

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Online, on social media (Instagram and Pinterest for example), you can find so many recipes. I love to snoop around on the internet and search for inspiration and tempting looking food pictures. But sometimes I’m just not in the mood, or I have too little time to try something new because there are only 24 hours in one day. On busy weekdays, filled with work and exercising among other things, it’s just convenient to have some ‘go to’ recipes at hand. Recipes you know by heart, dishes you can make without thinking, without having to check your stock because you just know all ingredients are in your cupboard or fridge. In this article I share 5 of my favourite ‘go to’ recipes: all healthy, vegan, simple and delicious.

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Rainbow kurkuma cauliflower sandwich

Rainbow kurkuma cauliflower sandwich vegan Not So Stuffy

Last week my fridge spilled over with veggies. I also had been away for a few days. I never really know what to do with the greens because it was way too much just to eat at dinner. These days I read a lot about having veggies in every meal of the day but I sometimes find that very hard. And it’s usually the same things I can incorporate at dinner: quite often tomatoes or something like spinach or kale (in a smoothie – but I prefer the ones with only fruits) for breakfast. For lunch I usually find it easy to use those veggies as well as cucumber, red pepper and other vegetables that are suitable for grilling plus any kind of salad leaves.  [Read more…]

Black Forest Cherry Buckwheat Porridge


For two years I’ve been trying to like buckwheat, mostly because I like to eat as diverse as possible. It’s not been a success though. I simply do not like the taste and the texture. Not as a grain companying a dinner, not as a milky drink, not for pancakes, not in cookies, just not … Until I decided to try a breakfast recipe from Rens Kroes’s On The Go cookbook where she soaks it overnight and purees it into a porridge. I was surprised. This was the first time I somehwat liked it. And I decided if I like this, I could do better. A few weeks later I decided to start trying with the recipe I had in my head. I wanted something with cherries and chocolate, like the famous German Black Forest Cherry Pie. I experimented a bit (experimenting is the best!) and eventually came up with this recipe for a soft porridge. I really really love it and I eat it regularly now. And you don’t have to soak the buckwheat overnight in my recipe. I think that’s a big plus! 

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Miso soup with lotus root


Our guest blogger Cantor likes the Asian kitchen a lot, so this time he chose to write a recipe with a Japanese touch. That also means he had to visit Oriental (the Asian supermarket in Groningen) for a special ingredient: Lotus root. Do you know what it is and have you ever eaten it before?  Keep reading to find out what Cantor prepared this time! [Read more…]

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