Dinner at cafe bistro Kult in Groningen

Kult cafe, Groningen, Not so stuffyLast weekend we had dinner at Cafe-bistro Kult in Groningen with a group of blogger friends. The cafe is located in the Steentilstraat and for me I mostly associate this street with people smoking weed and getting their drug fix. All of us had never been at Kult before. We had heard of it a number of times because there’s a lot of vegan choices on the menu. It was about time we checked it out.  [Read more…]

Outfit of the day #7

In the Netherlands Summer has arrived and we already had some sunny days, yay! Hopefully a lot more Summer days will follow. I love it, the sun and the warmth. On hot days I like to wear airy clothes. Like the trousers in this blogpost for example. This time we share an OOTD post again: a mix of fair fashion, a piece of clothing we don’t know how it’s produced and shoes with a questionable reputation according to fair and sustainable Dutch ranking site Rankabrand. Besides comfortable clothes, hot summer days are also the perfect excuse for Janet to go all out on lots of ice cream. That, and a sweet treat is what she tried at Strawberry, a new spot in Groningen.

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De Oude Gasfabriek, Groningen

In 1854 the gasworks was opened in Groningen. Only one building is left, De Loods in the Ebbingekwartier. In the past markets took place at this location. Later restaurant Oberland was located here for a few years. After a big renovation, which took about 10 months, De Oude Gasfabriek opened its doors in De Loods. It was a long renovation period but definately worth the wait: wow, the interior is just fabulous! Would you like to know if our food experience at this restaurant was just as great as the interior? Then keep on reading… [Read more…]

Salmagundi in Groningen

Time flies, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s even difficult planning an appointment with Janet to talk about blog stuff for example. But, last week we had 2 hours in between other meetings and work. We decided to spend our time well: a blog meeting and discovering a new hotspot at the same time. Great combination, right?
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