Something about April

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In April we actually booked a few trips again. Quite surprising considering I’ve been a bit reluctant about traveling. I wasn’t feeling that well physically and cancelling trips is just so frustrating. But, along with spring my situation got better too so it was time to give it a try again. In this article you can read all about our travel plans and lots of other things that happened in April.

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Valentine’s day


Sunday is going to be the most roman…, I mean pink day of the year: a day of hearts, cuddly toys and chocolate. Valentine’s day… Weeks ahead Pinterest is taken over by pins about love and gifts, every flyer in your mailbox is all about how to conquer the heart of your loved one and every store seems to know exactly which gift you have to buy. Only 4 nights left and this love sugary sweet, commercial festivity starts.

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The new success (6): Which ladder are you climbing?

Lighthouse Ile de Re stairs

Not too long ago I watched an episode of Supersoul Sunday online where Oprah Winfrey talked to author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield. Canfield has been in the United States bestsellers lists for years with his inspiration bookseries ‘Chickensoup for the soul’, selfhelp where you are inspired to lead a better life and realise your dreams and potential with the help of short stories. ‘Because’, says Jack, ‘you don’t have these dreams for the sake of it. You have those dreams because you have the potential to realise them. And if you realise your dreams, you will reach your full potential.’  [Read more…]

Good intentions vs fun intentions


First and formost we wish you a very pleasant and inspiring 2016! Have you formulated some good intentions for today and all days to come? Or are you going to wait one more day until the second of January? I used to start with my new good habits on the second day of the new year because the first of January is such a weird day. You probably have a lot of not so healthy food left and the gyms are closed. You see: I assume you have goals set that are related to health and fitness. That’s often the case, isn’t it?  [Read more…]

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