I went to Bologna, dreaming about pizza…

Do you know that feeling: a craving for a certain type of food? In my case it was pizza. A real Italian pizza. One with lots of grilled veggies. Just thinking about it made me drool already. Really… And I just couldn’t stop thinking and talking about it. Janet rolled her eyes every time I mentioned pizza, it drove her crazy. There was a moment pizzas actually appeared in my dreams. You could say it turned out to be quite an obsession.

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Through our eyes, Bologna (Italy)

Last year it looked like we wouldn’t be planning any trips together very soon. But suprise suprise: 4 trips were booked for 2017. Some time ago you could read all about “3 less traveled destinations”: Dresden, Brighton and Thessaloniki. We think Bologna is a destination like that too: we hadn’t heard of and read about it much. When it turned out Ryanair offered flights for € 16,- per person (return!), it was an easy choice. Have you already visited Bologna? Let us know what you think of this city in the comments below this article. Later we will share our veggie and green discoveries in Bologna. Now it’s time to share Bologna through our eyes.

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What I discovered while staying in Bologna …

Giardini Margaretha, Bologna Not so stuffy blog

While I’ve been travelling for years (or to be more precise: taking holidays, because I am not an actual traveller) I discover new things about me or my preferations on every trip. I hope to take those discoveries with me when I book a new trip. Usually it’s things like: do not forget to take your earplugs, check the travel books first and then choose your exact destination or neighbourhood for staying in, make sure your destination has a private outside space (i.g. balcony) and choose rooms as far away from the lift as possible.  [Read more…]

The streets of Perugia, Italy

Streets Perugia Italy

It has been a year ago since we wandered the streets of Perugia, Italy. This city on a rock in Umbria has everything you would expect from a visit to Italy: great atmosphere, picturesque, beautiful old buildings, art, culture, history, good food (it’s home of the Perugina chocolate!) and many Italians. The city appears to be not very touristy and great for staying a couple of days. Ryanair flies to Perugia Airport so for about 60 euros you can get a return flight from Brussels (we flew from Düsseldorf but those flights are cancelled unfortunately). Doesn’t it sound amazing to book a citytrip? Mmmm, we would definately go again!  [Read more…]

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