Our 3 favourite lunch places in Groningen

It probably isn’t a big surprise eating is one of our favourite activities, right? Just like in other cities we also eat our way through Groningen, our hometown. Trying new restaurants more often would definately be on our agenda, if our budget allowed us to spend a little more money. In this blogpost you’ll find 3 of favourite lunch places in Groningen. And at the end we throw in a little bonus this time too!

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By Kees, Heerenveen (Frisia)

When I met up with my brother at his house a few weeks ago, he said: “We are going to Heerenveen to have lunch, that’s ok isn’t it?” Well of course it was ok, I love going out for lunch. But a veggie lunch in Heerenveen? I had my doubts. Especially when we were already on our way and he revealed we would be eating at the ‘Meat Market’. I had to restrain myself from googling and decided to just let it happen and be surprised. And guess what, it was surprising. Luckily in a good way! Meat Market turned out to be a street name (Vleesmarkt) and not a real meat market (relieved sigh…) and in this street By Kees is located: a hipster hotspot.
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Rainbow kurkuma cauliflower sandwich

Rainbow kurkuma cauliflower sandwich vegan Not So Stuffy

Last week my fridge spilled over with veggies. I also had been away for a few days. I never really know what to do with the greens because it was way too much just to eat at dinner. These days I read a lot about having veggies in every meal of the day but I sometimes find that very hard. And it’s usually the same things I can incorporate at dinner: quite often tomatoes or something like spinach or kale (in a smoothie – but I prefer the ones with only fruits) for breakfast. For lunch I usually find it easy to use those veggies as well as cucumber, red pepper and other vegetables that are suitable for grilling plus any kind of salad leaves.  [Read more…]

Dubbeljoe J, in Groningen

Dubbeljoe J, lunch hotspot in Groningen

During our search for a lunch location in Groningen for the international bloggers meetup last year, we met Wesley, one of the owners of lunch spot Dubbeljoe J. Because Saturday is one of their busiest days, lunch with so many people was not an option. But Wesley invited the two of us to come by in the new year and try a few of their lunch dishes. And that’s what we did last week…
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