Looking back at February

In January we started with a monthly “looking back at the past month” blog. It’s not just about all the boring stuff (groceries, washing, cleaning) we did, but about all the things we like to share with you: recipes, books, movies, tv series, music etcetera. And sometimes we share something about the coming months if we have any interesting plans or things coming up. Do you like to be completely up to date with all things Stuffy, then do read this blog.  [Read more…]

This was … January

A brand new year calls for a new type of blog, right? Check out our first end of the month post!  There’s sort of a looking back part and a lot of tips and inspiration: things we read, we saw, we heared and so on… The activities we shared in Breakdeweek will appear on Facebook and Twitter. So this is the first end of the month post and it’s sort of an experiment. Will you let us know what you think? We can make this more interesting with your help! [Read more…]

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