Green shopping in Hannover, Germany

Hannover green shopping blogpost adresses

When we arranged to visit Hannover in Germany, we did some quick research online and we concluded this could be a green shopping heaven possibly. Not only did we have a number of vintage shops to visit but also quite a large list with shops that sell fair trade and organic sustainable fashion. Yay! Not that we were planning on spending a lot of money on clothes, but still… we did have some green fashion wishes on both our lists for summer. Curious to find out what kind of shops Hannover has to offer?  [Read more…]

Fair and organic shopping in Rotterdam

green shopping rotterdam margootje vintage

A visit to Rotterdam had been on our agendas for ages. We had decided we wanted to go sometime not from Groningen (where we live) but from The Hague where we are staying over a couple of times we year. But we always always always lack time. This time we made Rotterdam a priority. And it worked. We had expected Rotterdam would have a lot of fair and organic shops, but we were wrong with that assumption. Our own cities seems to be a lot ‘greener’ when it comes to sustainable shopping. Oh well, in the end we did find more than we thought we would and we now have a great list for you and we had an amazing time there. I you know any more stores, please let us know in the comments below.  [Read more…]

Outfit of the Day, #6

OOTD fair eco Haren Not so stuffy

At the end of March and the beginning of the month April we had a couple of lovely days in the Netherlands. We had an instant Summer vibe going on and we felt like wearing spring and summer clothes in our photo shoots. An estate in Eelde turned out the perfect spot for a shoot. But when the pictures were shot, the temperatures at night went below zero (Celsius) again. Unfortunately my house could also use some central heating (which I refuse from April 1st onwards)  – not very sustainable – or me wearing a really thick sweater. I chose the latter. But as soon as the days are more agreeable, I’ll be wearing this outfit again.  [Read more…]

Green shopping in Hamburg, part 2

vintage and rags hamburg not so stuffy

Our first green shopping guide for Hamburg was published in 2014. Over the years we had to adjust the blog several times, because in a big city like Hamburg things change quite fast. Our last visit was in spring 2016 and we discovered a lot of new things again to share with you. We don’t exactly know what happened, but we completely forgot to write this Hamburg part 2 blog sooner. Shame on us! Hamburg is such a great city: there are quite a few nice quarters to explore. And a lot of veggie food to enjoy. Because it’s a big city and all things worth doing and seeing are widely spread, you’ll need at least 4 days for a visit. Or, use it as the best excuse ever to go to Hamburg for a 2nd (a 3rd, a 4th or even more often) trip. We already went to Hamburg a few times and would love to plan another trip agin sometime soon.

[Read more…]

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