Just across the border: Leer, Germany

Leer, Ostfriesland, Germany - Not so stuffy blog

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Admitted: a daytrip to Leer was never appealing to us. I mean: it’s too small, has nothing special to offer, it’s just 10 kilometers across the border… A couple of years ago we were there by coincidence in December. It had already been snowing, temperatures were below zero and we did not have any tires on the car that were suitable for winter circumstances on the road. So a Christmas market in Oldenburg or Bremen was off limits. We decided to go to Leer, as it was just across the border. But our hearts kept shouting: we really want to go to Oldenburg, a REAL Christmas market in an actual cool German city! You can probably already guess our experience in Leer that day wasn’t a good one. And we left after about 30 minutes. Now we were planning on visiting Tecklenburg but we did not have money to spare for an overnight stay. A one day trip to Tecklenburg, which is about 200 kilometres and just a little village, sounded a bit too far. So we decided to give Leer another chance. Let’s go! 
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Visiting Greetsiel (Ostfriesland, Germany)

Greetsiel 4

Up north on the left side of Germany the province of Ostfriesland (East Frysia) is located. Funnily enough this province is not attached to our Dutch province of Frysia: Groningen is in the middle. Ostfriesland is located on the shores of the Wadden sea (Waddenzee in Dutch and  das Wattenmeer in German) and that’s why it counts numerous fisherman’s villages, harbours and lightning houses. There are even a few small beaches in the most northern part. We visited Greetsiel on a sunny Thursday in July. The holidays had just started and you definately noticed that. It was quite busy in this small but lovely harbour village where there are more ‘Teestüben’ (tea rooms) than cafés. [Read more…]

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