Sweaty Betty

“Ugh, what a bad smell. Do you notice it too? Sweat…”, or
“Oh my, look at the wet stains in his clothes, all the way down to his hips”.
In a way I feel a little bit ashamed, lower my head and pretend I don’t here these kind of conversations. That could be about me, comments like that. And that feels awkward and it makes me feel sad. Believe me, sweat is not my favourite subject to write about, it feels a bit embarassing. But, there are still so many subjects we don’t feel like talking about, things that make us feel uneasy, like your stool or sex for example. Maybe we should just talk about things like that openly, without feeling weird about it, it’s all part of being human, right?

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What if someone discovers I am a fake?

There’s a pretty good chance you’ll recognize some of yourself in this blogpost but you might have never heard of the term imposter phenomenon (also known as imposter syndrome). In The Netherlands this term is fairly unknown still. It’s about a fear of getting caught as a fraud: you are smart and capable and yet you keep doubting yourself and are slimming your chances of a succesfull career without realising this. You think someone will soon find out you are not actually as good as you (or they) said you are and that you are fooling everyone around you. The term was first secured by American psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes. Clance also suffers from this psychological phenomenon. [Read more…]

Why I like to view reality through a rose coloured lens

Rooskleurig roos in Prinsentuin Not so stuffy

There are these moments where you experience very clearly that your reality is quite far from the truth. Do you recognize that feeling? Because of the subjects we write about on this website and our personal interest in a green lifestyle, we are surrounded by people with an interest in those same topics and often also think alike. To us it can sometimes look like half the population is at least a vegetarian or skipping meat and fish for 2-3 days a week. And do you know anyone who does not carry an extra foldable bag in their handbag? But it turns out, when you step into the real world again, that these things are not that common: the reality looks a lot less rosy than it is in my head…   [Read more…]

20 random facts about us

not so stuffy ladies
Some time ago there was this new trending tag on Instagram: 20 random facts. When you get tagged, you tell 20 facts about yourself that your average reader (or follower) does not know about you. We already shared our 20 facts (10 each, so it was easy for us) on Instagram but we thought it would be nice to share it here as well. Curious?

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