What if someone discovers I am a fake?

There’s a pretty good chance you’ll recognize some of yourself in this blogpost but you might have never heard of the term imposter phenomenon (also known as imposter syndrome). In The Netherlands this term is fairly unknown still. It’s about a fear of getting caught as a fraud: you are smart and capable and yet you keep doubting yourself and are slimming your chances of a succesfull career without realising this. You think someone will soon find out you are not actually as good as you (or they) said you are and that you are fooling everyone around you. The term was first secured by American psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes. Clance also suffers from this psychological phenomenon. [Read more…]

Compulsive? Me? Only a little bit…

It already starts in the morning, as soon as the alarm clock goes off. 3 times of snoozing before getting out of bed. My routine: toilet, shower, getting dressed, gathering all of my office food and by bike to work. All of this within 45 minutes. I eat breakfast at work, during the first hours of the day. Nothing weird about this, everybody has his/ her habits, right?
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The new success (7): Why we don’t belong…

We horen er niet bij

We never really fitted in… with the blogging generation of our times. We are too old (37 and 39 years old), we are not eager enough, often we don’t care enough if something possible earns us money (we choose fun instead) and the thing that differentiates us most is the fact that we hate shooting selfies and we rather not have our pictures upon our blog. And especially the last thing does seem to be a bit of a problem: making yourself the face of your blog often seems to play an important factor in the success of a blog. Or so it seems …  [Read more…]

The new success (6): Which ladder are you climbing?

Lighthouse Ile de Re stairs

Not too long ago I watched an episode of Supersoul Sunday online where Oprah Winfrey talked to author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield. Canfield has been in the United States bestsellers lists for years with his inspiration bookseries ‘Chickensoup for the soul’, selfhelp where you are inspired to lead a better life and realise your dreams and potential with the help of short stories. ‘Because’, says Jack, ‘you don’t have these dreams for the sake of it. You have those dreams because you have the potential to realise them. And if you realise your dreams, you will reach your full potential.’  [Read more…]

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