Good intentions vs fun intentions


First and formost we wish you a very pleasant and inspiring 2016! Have you formulated some good intentions for today and all days to come? Or are you going to wait one more day until the second of January? I used to start with my new good habits on the second day of the new year because the first of January is such a weird day. You probably have a lot of not so healthy food left and the gyms are closed. You see: I assume you have goals set that are related to health and fitness. That’s often the case, isn’t it?  [Read more…]

Do you want more time?

Illustratie meer tijd

Do you always feel like having to little time? That feeling when you finally have a bit of time to yourself you should actually go to bed because you haven’t slept that well lately because you were so busy? That the days literally fly by? And you’ve also read several time management books but none of them got you anywhere because you were in your old ‘no time’ habits before you knew it? Read on… [Read more…]

The new success 5: Being yourself

nieuwe succes giraffes

With tons of book titles in the self help genre that suggest you are not yourself yet, or you’re not happy with the way you are right now (‘Finding yourself and the love you want’, ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’, ‘Empower yourself’ and ‘Learning to love yourself’ to name but a few) it’s very hard to believe that you might be perfect just the way you are. Even though you’re not completely happy all the time.  [Read more…]

Celebrate diversity

Do you ever think about how easy it would be if everybody in this world would just act/think/want like you do, that everything would be a lot easier then? Or maybe you don’t even wonder about that, you just expect people to be and think and want like you. In childrens books, and here in a young adults novel, you often find the most amazing truths. Just a few days ago I finished  reading John Green’s Paper Towns and I loved some of the wisdoms. I was most impressed with the one you can read right here… [Read more…]

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