A crumbly and fruity breakfast

A while ago my favourite breakfast was these baked oats (which taste like apple pie). But after a while I had enough and started my days with all kinds of other things. Such as smoothies, chia pudding and (vegan) yoghurt with homemade granola and fruit. What’s your favourite food in the morning? At the moment a fruit crumble is what I prefer. It’s easy to prepare, healthy, delicious and it only contains a few ingredients. If you like to excercise before breakfast, this recipe is great too: you can prepare the crumble and just put it in the oven when you’re ready for breakfast after your workout.

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Asparagus, purslane and white bean burgers

Guestblogger Cantor spend some time in the kitchen again, to create a beautiful dish to share with you guys. This time it’s a Blond and Green dish – because it’s spring again. Unfortunately it’s just not yet the time for white asparagus, but the green variety is delicious too and a healthy alternative! [Read more…]

Recipe chocolate matcha latte (vegan)

choco matcha latte recipe vegan not so stuffy

When we went on a city trip to Hamburg in the Summer of 2014, I ordered my first matcha latte ever in a cafe. I was very curious to know what this new hyped drink would taste like. It must obviously be very good as so many people love it. The first sip was unforgettable. I would really love to see my face at that moment. I tried another sip a couple minutes later and then another and I hated it still as much as with the first sip. To me it kind of tastes like someone grabbed a handful of earth among other things from the forest ground and put it in a drink. This was the first and last matcha latte I ordered…  [Read more…]

Cavolo nero taking centre stage


Guestblogger Cantor never walks away from a challenge! This time he created a surprising recipe with 2 beautiful a little less known vegetables: cavolo nero and truffle potatoes. Keep on reading for the recipe.

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