Javaans Eetcafe in Groningen


We love to go out for dinner, especially with a restaurant promo like the one from Albert Heijn. You get to have a 3 course dinner for 2 persons on a budget. What’s not to like, right?! When we go to a restaurant, we like to choose one we haven’t tried before. This time we decided to go to Javaans Eetcafé. It had been high on our list for ages but we never went. With 5 full saving cards to use, we thought it was about time and booked a table for 2 persons at the end of September 2016. Of course we asked if they had any vegan options available.

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Dinner at The Pool restaurant in Groningen

The pool Groningen 25aug2016 startfoto
A few weeks ago we received an email invite to eat at new restaurant The Pool (part of new The Student Hotel) in Groningen. Of course we would love to. It took another few weeks before the doors of the restaurant actually opened and when they celebrated their official opening we were on a city trip in Gdansk. Last week we finally went. It was a very hot Thursday night at the end of August. We saw the beach chairs outside and because I did not feel very fit, we decided to ‘hang’ in those lazy chairs. 
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Cookbook faceoff: The new vegetarian vs. A modern way to cook

Cookbook faceoff

The past few weeks both Stuffies have been cooking from two new cookbooks. One is the second cookbook from Anna Jones: ‘A modern way to cook’ and the other one is ‘The new vegetarian’ by Alice Hart (her fourth cookbook). Both ladies are British, in their thirties, with long blond hair and both books are similar: hardcover and about one and a half thumb thick. The difficulty level and the originality of the recipes in both books are about the same (very original!) so we can say that this is a head-to-head battle!  [Read more…]

Beter & Leuk coffee and lunch, Amsterdam

Beter & Leuk Amsterdam, april 2016 water woonbootMy dear friend Bianca lives in Amsterdam and we like spending time together, talking and eating. Yes, she definately likes food, just like me, yay! We’ve been testing hotspots in Amsterdam for some time now, but we both had not been to Beter & Leuk yet. Online I already saw many reviews about this hotspot so these 2 real foodies (ahum…) decided to check it out for themselves.

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