Find secondhand and vintage boutique in Groningen

Janet had been talking about a really interesting looking shop she passed a couple of times when she rode her bike to the centre. Somehow it took us quite some time to finally visit, but the both of us needing new winter coats seemed urgent enough to have a look in late August. Femke, the young owner who is an amazing fashion model for the clothes she sells, gave us a friendly welcome.  [Read more…]

Outfit of the Day #10

Vintage dress, Timisoara Romania, Not so stuffy July 17

In Timisoara I was wearing my favourite vintage  dress, bought in 2013 while on a citytrip in Dresden in Germany. We were there to celebrate my birthday and I was just getting into fair and sustainable fashion. Around that time I learned how to shop vintage fashion from racks of clothing not ordered by colour or size and sometimes not even by type.  [Read more…]

This will make you want to go thrifting right now

why you do want to go thrifting right now - not so stuffy blog

When I need something new, I often wonder if I could get it at one of the many thrift stores in Groningen for a good price. Of course it’s also very sustainable to reuse something somebody else did not need anymore. Last week I was looking for an old silver coloured necklace that would suit the new vintage Romanian pendant found in Timisoara 3 weeks ago. I haven’t found the perfect necklace yet, but I did find a perfect pair of shorts and a cute T-shirt for just 5 euros and both of them have almost never been worn. I was so happy with this find that I have to share the following with you …  [Read more…]

Green shopping in Hannover, Germany

Hannover green shopping blogpost adresses

When we arranged to visit Hannover in Germany, we did some quick research online and we concluded this could be a green shopping heaven possibly. Not only did we have a number of vintage shops to visit but also quite a large list with shops that sell fair trade and organic sustainable fashion. Yay! Not that we were planning on spending a lot of money on clothes, but still… we did have some green fashion wishes on both our lists for summer. Curious to find out what kind of shops Hannover has to offer?  [Read more…]

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