What if someone discovers I am a fake?

There’s a pretty good chance you’ll recognize some of yourself in this blogpost but you might have never heard of the term imposter phenomenon (also known as imposter syndrome). In The Netherlands this term is fairly unknown still. It’s about a fear of getting caught as a fraud: you are smart and capable and yet you keep doubting yourself and are slimming your chances of a succesfull career without realising this. You think someone will soon find out you are not actually as good as you (or they) said you are and that you are fooling everyone around you. The term was first secured by American psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes. Clance also suffers from this psychological phenomenon. [Read more…]

Personal: Would you step out like this?

Whenever I have to do some chores on my laptop I don’t feel like doing and I want to stall, I often take a look at American gossip sites People Magazine and US Magazine. While I hardly recognize anyone when I’m reading a Dutch gossip magazine, I’m pretty well educated on the things I don’t need to know of the most famous American celebrities (and the British royals alike). Let’s just call it a guilty pleasure, although there’s nothing really guilty about this of course. Just entertainment ;-). Well, anyway, last week my eye fell on an article from one of the editors at People Magazine who tested Alicia Keys new beauty routine. I would not care normally, but this caught my attention because …  [Read more…]

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