Lentil ‘Dutch frikandel’ recipe


The 2 ladies of food blog The Green Happiness were on TV at the end of September 2016, in the TV-show RTL Late Night, hosted by Humberto Tan. The responses to their quotes were quite negative. Our guestblogger Cantor was surprised by the show too and shared his opinion with us. After reading the article of Dutch columnist Nynke de Jong about veganism and healthy food, he decided to take action and develope a recipe for a healthy and tasty ‘frikandel’ (a Dutch fried meaty snack).

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Frietwinkel in Groningen

frietwinkelThursday Frietwinkel opened it’s doors in Groningen. The question is of course: “Is that a good thing?”. My younger brother (and my only brother;-)) and I decided to check it out on the opening day (24-3-2016). Lots of people already eating and a line in front of the counter, waiting to order. A good sign, we thought.
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Spinach and feta bites

Years ago already, this little snack, with spinach and feta, turned out to be a favourite of many party guests and friends. Lots of people asked about the recipe and whether I would make it again the next party. We also prepared these bites for our 3rd bloggersmeet-up. And they were all gone, so I guess it’s about time we share the recipe for this simple and delicious party bite. It’s easy, you only need a few ingredients and it can be prepared ahead. So during the party you only have to put them in the oven for a bit and within a few minutes your guests can’t wait to discover what you’re going to serve!  [Read more…]

Vegan hearty mini muffins

mini muffins intro

For the third  bloggers meet-up with bloggers from the northern part of Holland (the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe) at festival Let’s Gro on Saturday the 21st of November 2015 we decided to do our own catering: much more convenient if you want the bites to be (largely) vegan, or at least with vegetarian cheese and no gelatin. I decided almost right away I wanted to make savoury muffins. I had done that before: vegetarian versions but they never turned out well. I always find them quite bland and boring tasting. Even when using a good feta cheese. I thought it would be an even greater accomplishment to make them vegan and tasty but it worked our really well! I loved my first test version with Kalamata olives and oven dried tomatoes. Yum! Do you feel like having a relatively healthy and possible hot snack? Then definately try this!  [Read more…]

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