Miso soup with lotus root


Our guest blogger Cantor likes the Asian kitchen a lot, so this time he chose to write a recipe with a Japanese touch. That also means he had to visit Oriental (the Asian supermarket in Groningen) for a special ingredient: Lotus root. Do you know what it is and have you ever eaten it before?  Keep reading to find out what Cantor prepared this time! [Read more…]

Immune boosting shi take broth (vegan & glutenfree)


The last few weeks I’ve been eating quite a lot of sweet stuff (hello Oreos, Punselies and Tony’s Chocolonely!). Because I don’t really feel great and full of energie, it was time to make some changes. I became a bit more strict in eating as much veggies and fruit as I can and cut down on the sugar and cheese. I love to work with herbs and spices and I’m especially interested in anti-inflammatory herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric and garlic. I did not feel like eating bread for lunch (which is quite common to eat in The Netherlands) so instead I prepared this fresh and very healthy shi take broth that is full of goodness for your body. Do you feel better already after just reading this intro? ;-) [Read more…]

Roasted red pepper soup

roasted red pepper soup with cashewsA while ago we spend a day in Nijmegen and we had lunch at Smaakrijk in the Lange Hezelstraat. I ordered a red pepper and nuts soup. Back home, I felt inspired to create my own recipe for a roasted red pepper soup with cashew nuts. Absolutely delicious, so no time to waste: get into the kitchen to give this recipe a try! [Read more…]

Thai coconut soup with vegetables

Thai coconut soup intro

For a very long time we had a Not so stuffy ‘soup project’. In this time we often published new soup recipes and we built quite a large soup database. Until we reached the point where we couldn’t think of any new recipes anymore. A couple of months ago I had dinner for the first time at a Thai restaurant and I loved the amazing vegetarian version of a Tom Kha soup: very creamy , with lots of veggies, a lot of spices and mildly spicy. Yum! With this soup in the back of my mind I experimented a bit and I came up with a recipe that I keep preparing for myself but without galanga root. If you want you can still add it to make an almost authentic Tom Kha. Also you can vary with the veggies you use, add more or less and leave out the tofu. It’s very budget friendly and it’s quick to make: it only takes about half an hour.  [Read more…]

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