Art on the street. Athens, Greece. Part II

Street art by INO, Athens, Greece. Wander Women blog

About one and a half years ago Anneloes visited Athens, the capital of Greece. She wrote a few posts about her adventures in the capital and one was about the most beautiful street art she encountered on her walks. I just got back from an 8 day trip to Athens and it’s surrondings and I also looked around when I was wandering trough this amazing city. Funny enough I found completely different murals from Anneloes. Athens has so much street art. A lot of it was commissioned, mostly before the Olympics of 2004. Also, the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens even offers a course on street painting. So no wonder the artists (like for example INO) are really good and famous around the world.  [Read more…]

Street art in Timisoara (Romania)

A citytrip to Timisoara (in Romania) was on our agenda at the end of June. Most of the people we told about our trip had never heard of this city before. Until Ryanair added it to their destination list, we hadn’t heard of it before either. Plane tickets were available for less than € 20,- (from Weeze, Germany) and because we had never been to Romania before, we decided to take a chance. It’s just so much fun to explore new places! Timisoara is not only a beautiful city (as you can see in our article Timisoara through our eyes), you can also find a lot of street art here. In this article we share our favourites. [Read more…]

Street art in Hannover, Germany

A few weeks ago we spent a few days in Hannover, a city in the northern part of Germany and near the river Leine. Just as many other German cities, Hannover was destroyed during World War 2. In the years after the war, the Germans rebuilt the city. And with great result: the residents are proud of Hannover. Besides all the cultural aspects, nice restaurants and a car free city center we discovered a lot of street art in Hannover. In this article you can see the ones we liked the most. [Read more…]

Street art in Zaspa, Gdansk (Poland)

Gdansk aug2016 street art oranje en vliegtuig

While preparing for our weekend trip to Gdansk in Poland, I read on Wikipedia this city was almost completely destructed during World War 2. Despite all the troubles this country experienced, they started rebuilding Gdansk. And with great result I might add: it’s an amazing city with a beautiful city center. Definately worth visiting, we think, and we’ll tell you all about it soon in another blog. In this blog the quarter Zaspa and it’s murals are in the spotlight!

[Read more…]

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