Dinner at Bie De Buuf in the Oosterparkwijk, Groningen

Bie de buuf resto van harte zij ingang

All the way in the back of the Oosterparkwijk, right where the newly built houses start, you can find Bie De Buuf: a neighbourhood restaurant and a place to meet the locals. On a very low key base people can get to know more about healthy food, how to prepare it and how to preserve food. And with vegetable gardening. Because Toentje, a city argricultural project was the one who took the initiative for restaurant Bie De Buuf. Every Wednesday Resto VanHarte’s chefs provide the meal and together with city blogger OOGST Groningen I enjoyed dinner there in the midst of June.  [Read more…]

Why I like to view reality through a rose coloured lens

Rooskleurig roos in Prinsentuin Not so stuffy

There are these moments where you experience very clearly that your reality is quite far from the truth. Do you recognize that feeling? Because of the subjects we write about on this website and our personal interest in a green lifestyle, we are surrounded by people with an interest in those same topics and often also think alike. To us it can sometimes look like half the population is at least a vegetarian or skipping meat and fish for 2-3 days a week. And do you know anyone who does not carry an extra foldable bag in their handbag? But it turns out, when you step into the real world again, that these things are not that common: the reality looks a lot less rosy than it is in my head…   [Read more…]

Outfit of the Day, #4

OOTD Fair Fashion Not so stuffy

When we had a coffee appointment in the Ebbingekwartier in Groningen (mostly a raw part of the city with lots of graffiti and some old buildings – but not for long because they are going to build new houses here), we immediately saw a chance to do a new outfit shoot. What we really love is that we are getting out of our comfort zones and getting more and more comfortable with the camera – in front and behind! This shoot has a bit more of a spring vibe than some shoots we did before. It wasn’t even that cold anymore without a wintercoat. We would not sit outside and have a drink on a terrace just yet but we would go for long walks outside and enjoy the sun in this early spring weather. And this is a perfect outfit for a walk like that! [Read more…]

The concious look


Since I was 16 years old, I’m a real shopaholic (and I loved the books!). If I could I would have gone shopping every day. I always wanted a new outfit to wear when going out on Friday and Saturday nights. I used to buy tons of tops at Hennes & Mauritz and I hardly ever looked the same. When I was 21 I had three  jobs next to my Communication studies just so I could buy more clothes. How ridiculous is that? 

[Read more…]

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