Find secondhand and vintage boutique in Groningen

Janet had been talking about a really interesting looking shop she passed a couple of times when she rode her bike to the centre. Somehow it took us quite some time to finally visit, but the both of us needing new winter coats seemed urgent enough to have a look in late August. Femke, the young owner who is an amazing fashion model for the clothes she sells, gave us a friendly welcome.  [Read more…]

Baby steps towards a greener wardrobe

The real green-aholics will probably roll their eyes when reading this article: green shopping in the highstreet, that’s just not possible, right? Well, not completely, but it is possible to make more conscious choices. Choosing H&M over Primark for example. Even if you are on a tight budget, it’s possible to change your shopping habits and make greener choices. In this article we help you to go for a greener wardrobe, baby step by baby step. That’s how it all starts. Just take our list with you, when shopping in the Herestraat, the Diezerstraat or the Nieuwestad and it will all work out.

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Outfit of the day #11

The Der Aa-kerk (church) just might be one of the most beautiful buildings in Groningen, right? When Janet suggested doing a photo shoot here, number 11 already, I couldn’t resist. During shoots like this we laugh a lot, it’s so much fun (even though I still feel a little bit awkward in front of the camera). Because of all the laughing and jokes shoots like this are worth remembering: moments to be grateful for. So. A shoot. Again. Already. This time featuring a black ZILCH top, perfect for grey and rainy days like last weekend.

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3 reusable bottles in the spotlight!

Plastic is everywhere these days: on the streets, in the parks, on the beach, in the oceans; plastic disposable bottles and cups for water, juices, coffee and other drinks, straws and packaging. And all this plastic is bad for the environment, we all know this. There are lots of easy solutions to this plastic polution. I personally really love buying hot (or cold) drinks to-go to take with me to work, in the car or in the train. Some time ago I thought it was definately time to start using more sustainable options instead of using disposables for this luxury. [Read more…]

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