What happened in August

Reitdiephaven Groningen Not so stuffy

For this month’s looking back post we always use a homemade template. And right where I’m typing now it says “Inspiring intro text”. There’s nothing as discouraging as those 3 words, because how do you do that, ‘just write some inspiring words”? We are also always in doubt if we are going to put another edition of this monthly blogpost online. What do you think? Stay or go when the new website is online? For now we have this new edition for you with lots of things to read and watch and eat. Enjoy! 
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May was a blast! (looking back post)

Hannover city view Not so stuffy

May gave us a Summer feeling. Not only because of the trips we took, but also because we finally bought our new domain name and we started working on our new WordPress site. Plus we made some plans for new activities we are going to organise later this year hopefully. We have soo many great ideas but unfortunately so little time to finish them quickly. Baby steps it is;-)
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All about March

stadsstrand harderwijk notsostuffy

March just flew by and now it’s officially spring, that’s for sure! We both enjoyed drinks on a terrace already. Anneloes went to By Kees in Heerenveen and Janet relaxed at beach bar Walhalla with her girlfriends (intro pic). In this blog you can read all about what we did, read, saw and discovered in March.

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Looking back at February

In January we started with a monthly “looking back at the past month” blog. It’s not just about all the boring stuff (groceries, washing, cleaning) we did, but about all the things we like to share with you: recipes, books, movies, tv series, music etcetera. And sometimes we share something about the coming months if we have any interesting plans or things coming up. Do you like to be completely up to date with all things Stuffy, then do read this blog.  [Read more…]

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