I went to Bologna, dreaming about pizza…

Do you know that feeling: a craving for a certain type of food? In my case it was pizza. A real Italian pizza. One with lots of grilled veggies. Just thinking about it made me drool already. Really… And I just couldn’t stop thinking and talking about it. Janet rolled her eyes every time I mentioned pizza, it drove her crazy. There was a moment pizzas actually appeared in my dreams. You could say it turned out to be quite an obsession.

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3 great veggie food places, Rotterdam

Janets brother had the travel jitters again and went on a trip to the Philippines. That means his house in The Hague is available for us to stay in. The perfect time to visit The Hague again. This city has so much to offer. It’s a little bit of a citytrip in our own country, when we stay at his place. Despite all the fun things The Hague has to offer, we decided to also spend some time in Rotterdam: we heard it’s an upcoming city, definately worth a visit. We explored where to go for veggie food and yummy drinks. In this article we share 3 of the places we tried.
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By Kees, Heerenveen (Frisia)

When I met up with my brother at his house a few weeks ago, he said: “We are going to Heerenveen to have lunch, that’s ok isn’t it?” Well of course it was ok, I love going out for lunch. But a veggie lunch in Heerenveen? I had my doubts. Especially when we were already on our way and he revealed we would be eating at the ‘Meat Market’. I had to restrain myself from googling and decided to just let it happen and be surprised. And guess what, it was surprising. Luckily in a good way! Meat Market turned out to be a street name (Vleesmarkt) and not a real meat market (relieved sigh…) and in this street By Kees is located: a hipster hotspot.
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Asparagus, purslane and white bean burgers

Guestblogger Cantor spend some time in the kitchen again, to create a beautiful dish to share with you guys. This time it’s a Blond and Green dish – because it’s spring again. Unfortunately it’s just not yet the time for white asparagus, but the green variety is delicious too and a healthy alternative! [Read more…]

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