Dinner at cafe bistro Kult in Groningen

Kult cafe, Groningen, Not so stuffyLast weekend we had dinner at Cafe-bistro Kult in Groningen with a group of blogger friends. The cafe is located in the Steentilstraat and for me I mostly associate this street with people smoking weed and getting their drug fix. All of us had never been at Kult before. We had heard of it a number of times because there’s a lot of vegan choices on the menu. It was about time we checked it out.  [Read more…]

Vengo (veggie & vegan) in Bremen, Germany

Vengo Bremen intro

As you have probably noticed, we really love going to Bremen, Germany. When we were there recently we decided to have lunch at Vengo in Viertel. We wanted to have dinner here in November but it turned out we needed a reservation because it gets quite busy in this populair restaurant. That afternoon, during lunch hour, there was just a spot for us in the front part of the restaurant. Yay!  [Read more…]

Food and drinks in Hamburg

Hamburg lunch TigerThis past weekend we spend a few days in Hamburg. We had got to know the city centre a bit from our daytrips to Hamburg. Groningen -> Hamburg is about 290 kilometers so it was ‘just’ possible to do in one day but still a very very long drive in the car and not enough time to explore this huge city (with 2 million inhabitants). So we decided to book a hotel this time. Now we had a lot more time to try lots of vegan cake, coffees, lovely lunches and veggie burgers. We had our list with us (you can read about this ‘Holiday fun list’ in this blog vakantievoorpretblog and next to these addresses we came around a lot more great places to eat and drink. Way too much for just 3 days!  [Read more…]

Red pepper zucchini almond loaf

amandelbroodSome time ago Simones Kitchen posted a recipe online for a zucchini rosemary bread and the picture just looked so tempting… couldn’t resist trying the recipe (leaving the rosemary out because I’m not a big fan). Last weekend I felt the need to make it again and used roasted red pepper and feta. Simones Kitchen used a recipe of Amber Albarda, who wrote Gezond bakken. [Read more…]

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