Street art in Timisoara (Romania)

A citytrip to Timisoara (in Romania) was on our agenda at the end of June. Most of the people we told about our trip had never heard of this city before. Until Ryanair added it to their destination list, we hadn’t heard of it before either. Plane tickets were available for less than € 20,- (from Weeze, Germany) and because we had never been to Romania before, we decided to take a chance. It’s just so much fun to explore new places! Timisoara is not only a beautiful city (as you can see in our article Timisoara through our eyes), you can also find a lot of street art here. In this article we share our favourites. [Read more…]

I went to Bologna, dreaming about pizza…

Do you know that feeling: a craving for a certain type of food? In my case it was pizza. A real Italian pizza. One with lots of grilled veggies. Just thinking about it made me drool already. Really… And I just couldn’t stop thinking and talking about it. Janet rolled her eyes every time I mentioned pizza, it drove her crazy. There was a moment pizzas actually appeared in my dreams. You could say it turned out to be quite an obsession.

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Through our eyes, Bologna (Italy)

Last year it looked like we wouldn’t be planning any trips together very soon. But suprise suprise: 4 trips were booked for 2017. Some time ago you could read all about “3 less traveled destinations”: Dresden, Brighton and Thessaloniki. We think Bologna is a destination like that too: we hadn’t heard of and read about it much. When it turned out Ryanair offered flights for € 16,- per person (return!), it was an easy choice. Have you already visited Bologna? Let us know what you think of this city in the comments below this article. Later we will share our veggie and green discoveries in Bologna. Now it’s time to share Bologna through our eyes.

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3 great and less travelled citytrip destinations!

Thessaloniki (Greece) 2015, Not So StuffyPart of all the travel fun is deciding which destination to go next. And believe me, that’s a challenge everytime. There’s so much to see and do, and our bucket lists don’t seem to get any shorter. Sometimes it’s tempting to go back to a place we’ve already explored. It’s also a challenge to choose a less touristic destination. Big cities such as London, Rome, Parijs, Berlin and Antwerp are crossed of our lists already. But France, the UK, Belgium, Italy and Germany have so much more to offer. In this article we share 3 lesser known citytrip destinations, which we absolutely loved.

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