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We are so happy you are checking our page about collaboration! Paal 21 Texel dec2015You probably already noticed that our biggest interests are travel, vegetarian and vegan food, sustainability and writing. On this page you can read the facts about our blog and about how we can work together. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Not So Stuffy is a blog with at this moment 4500 visitors per month of which 3100 unique. Those visits together result in almost 6700 page views per month. These numbers increase every month. 80 percent of our visitors are from The Netherlands. The other 20 percent live elsewhere in the world, but are mostly from Germany and Belgium. 90 percent of our visitors speaks Dutch or Flemmish. The other visitors use our English language site.

Social Media
We use different kinds of social media. On Facebook we currently have almost 400 page ‘likes’, on Twitter we have 800 followers . On Pinterest we have almost 150 followers. Our Instagram account has about 430 followers.

Are you interested in working together, a blog advertorial, advertising on our blog or setting up a competition on our blog? Please let us know at info@notsostuffy.nl.

Specific collaborations:
– for bloggers
In the Northern part of The Netherlands we are very active in bringing together bloggers. We’ve been doing this for 2 years now by hosting Bloggers Meet-up Noord-Nederland (3 times a year in Groningen city), Blogbar (once every 2-3 weeks in a cafe somewhere in  our city to create a place where people can work together on their blogs instead of home alone) and we are the owners of Facebook page ‘Bloggers Noord-Nederland’ with 129 members. This is a private group.

– about food and drinks (Not So Stuffy Food)

In the field of vegetarian and vegan food and drinks we provide catering, we bake on demand (also via the website thuisafgehaald.nl, where you can buy leftover food from people) and we give workshops: sometimes hired and sometimes independant. We are both amateur cooks with a real love for food (sometimes healthy, sometimes not so healthy) and we have about 20 years of experience with vegetarian cooking and baking. We love to cook for small groups of people. E-mail us to see what is possible. We also host potlucks. Check our agenda for any activities in the near future.

– promotion of Groningen city and the Northern part of The Netherlands
We have both been living in Groningen city for over 10 years. Not only do we pay much attention to our gorgeous city on our blog but we love to do the same for the other lovely spots in both our province and the rest of the Northern part of The Netherlands (Friesland and Drenthe). We share our discoveries and our knowledge by writing reviews, taking trips and making photographs and by visiting the best places around (museums, restaurants, nature…) We want to show you how attractive the northern part of our country is. Would you like to see a specific place covered on our blog? Please do let us know. We also test accomodations by request. Would you like to set up a competition with us for a local product? Please e-mail us and we’ll talk about the possibilities.

– on travel (Not So Stuffy Travel)
Not only do we love to write about the Northern part of The Netherlands, we also love to travel outside our country. We love discovering green hotspots: sustainable, environmentally friendly, vegetarian or vegan and innovative.

– for writers and photographers who are looking for a platform for their work
We love to get in contact with people who love to write and take photographs or film. Maybe you can work for us as a guest blogger or you can do some of our photography or make a YouTube video. It is important that your work reflects our style and our themes.
Are you interested in a collaboration? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via info@notsostuffy.nl!

Writing on commission is a possibility too. We always decide for ourselves what we are going to write and our articles will always reflect our honest opinion about our experience.








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