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On this page you can find every recipe we published in English. A lot of our old recipes have not been translated yet. If you see something you’d like translated, write us an e-mail and we’ll translate.
All recipes are vegetarian. When recipes are marked with a (v) it means it’s vegan.

Stoofpeertjes overnight oats

Overnight oats

(v) Tropical chia pudding
(v) Homemade granola
(v) Hot banana breakfast smoothie
(v) Cooked pears overnight oats
(v) Baked oats
(v) Black Forest Cherry Buckwheat Porridge
(v) Grilled papaya for breakfast
(v) Pear and plum bread
(v) Nuts and carrots breakfast loaf
(v) Baked oats ‘apple’ pie


Wauw wrap (1)

Wow! crunchy herb wrap

Portobello burger lunch
Middle Eastern style lunch
(v) Savory pancakes
(v) Hummus & oven dried tomatoes bagels
(v) Homemade bagels
(v) Satay balls on bread
(v) Spinach mushroom toast
Spicy spelt croque monsieur with avocado
Greek wraps
(v) The Wow! Crunchy herb wrap
Veggies on toast
Goat’s cheese & rhubarb toast

Homemade ravioli
Linzenschotel / Cheesy oven lentils
(v) Curry recipe

Rauwe boerenkool salade / Raw kale salad

Raw kale salad

Side dishes:
Chicory salad
(v) Raw kale salad
(v) Rhubarb compote

Courgette soep/soup

Courgette soup

(v) Spicy chickpea soup
(v) Red pepper soup
(v) White cabbage soup with curry
Cauliflower & blue cheese soup
(v) Broccoli soup
(v) Celeriac, apple and ginger soup 
(v) Chick pea broth
(v) Lentil, spelt and kale soup
(v) Cauliflower soup

Rocky road

Rocky road

(v) Apricot oat balls
(v) Veggie Wiener bread
(v) Hummus
Nacho snack
Red pepper zucchini almond bread
Taco chips snack
Roasted veggies tapenade
(v) Zucchini sticks with dip
(v) Walnut flaxseed truffles
2 dips for bread

Speculoos shake

Speculoos shake

(v) Speculoos coffee shake
(v) Oreo milkshake
(v) Iced tea
(v) Homemade herbal tea

Winter cheesecake
(v) Nutella inspired chocolate mousse
Cranberry Trifle
Cooking pears tiramisu

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